How To Earn Money From MyLot

You read it right. MyLot is back into paying their members once again. It actually since later last year since it announced that they are again a paying site. A lot of old members get back to them including myself.

So how do you earn from MyLot? It’s basically being done by interacting with the members. You can post a new discussion and people will comment on it. You can also just do the same for other discussions. You will earn from doing so. The more you interact and socialize,  the better your bank will be.

Each month, they will pay out every member that reached the minimum payout which is $10. It’s not hard to reach it in a months time especially if you will be on the site for several hours a day. There are some who actually in the site for a long time just like their regular job. But as I noticed with the members,  they are actually having fun and don’t feel like they are working for a payout as they are having fun.

The members seem to be friendly. I didn’t not encountered anyone who seems to hate the world or the likes eversince I started even on their old platform. Most of the members are retired already and they seemed to spread the friendliness around the site. There are all sorts of culture as well which makes the site interesting.

So how do you earn from MyLot?  It’s pretty it. You interact and make friends with each other. You get paid to have fun talking about almost anything. You get to learn from the discussions and can also ask a question you want to get answered. Isn’t it great to earn an extra money out of fun?


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