Back To Reality

Now that the New Year is here, it’s time to go back to reality. The festivities are over and now we all have to face the new adventures ahead of our lives. You might have a good or bad 2015 but it is about to change this 2016.

This year hopefully will be good for all of us. Whether your planning to continue in achieving your goals or making a new one,  it’s all up to you. I personally plan to get more out of life. I’ve started doing it late last year. So I’m into just picking where I left of and continue with the things that I want to have and the life I want to achieve.

It’s funny how things eventually change from worst to great. You will sometimes want to slap your head realizing how things can be easier for you and why you just thought of just taking action later than sooner. It’s OK to feel that way. We all have the buffering mode. It’s not all the time your on your top speed processing good ideas in your head. So be thankful that you have those moments cause it seems that you’re brain was able to pick up on its top speed just when you needed it the most.

Now that you have finally realized that it’s better to use brain so it will not get rusty and all,  just try to formulate any ideas that you can think of. You can start setting goals and challenge yourself if you can achieve that at a certain time. Don’t  just wish for it. You need to find out what steps you need to do and take in order for you to achieve your dreams.

Want to be rich?  Then write your plan of how you will do it. You can actually learn from Dora the explorer. She always have her map to go wherever she needs to go. Draw your map into success. Don’t under estimate what you can do. You might not have that much for now but you might be surprised that you are already on your way achieving your dreams.

Challenging yourself from time to time will be a good thing for your well being. It will bring you purpose in life. It will also help you to be where you want to be. All it takes is determination, hard work and sacrifice. If you practice these, you will get whatever your heart desires.

So,  now that the New Year is here, let’s get back to reality and continue working for your dreams. You might actually living it before the year is over.

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