What’s Your New Year’s Resolution

New year’s resolutions are being created everytime the year is about to end. It’s the time of our lives we usually reflect and try to think of something we better be doing with our lives.

Some people promise that they will go on a diet or quit doing the bad habits that they have during the previous years. It usually just remain a resolution that never materialized and just do it again next year.

So what would it be? For me, my new year’s resolution is to be wiser about money. It’s not enough to just remain an employee forever. It can be better to have a business wherein you can be your own boss and your own employee.

Although there is no shortcuts for real to be rich, it is the freedom having your own business can bring which is appealing for me. Imagine not ever having to commute long hours just to go to work. Isn’t that great? If you live in the Philippines like me where traffic is already a part of your life, you would just have your own business idea in order to skip that part.

Sure, having your own business is not that easy. You will need to start from scratch cause running your own business doesn’t mean you can let other people run it for you. Not yet. Until it can already stand up on it’s own and you know it can last without you all over it, that’s the time you get someone to run it for you.

Don’t just go with the flow. Financial blogs are good. It will inspire you to do something which is not traditional. We are all trained to be employees in school. I’ve read this from a bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it really does made sense why we go for employment after college and still end up on the same way after ten years. Then you will learn that someone from your batch is already rich cause he took another path which is to start a business.

But if you are employed, it’s harder to move towards the road of freedom. It’s a prisoner wherein you can’t get out cause it provides food on the able and pay the bills. However, not having a job or as known as no money,  can’t take you anywhere either. You will need to have the job in order to make money, save it and hopefully give you the courage to build your own empire.

It’s easier said and done. As you go along with your normal life, you can end up just chasing your own tail. But the good thing about New Year is it’s a symbol of new beginnings. You can start all over again until you were able to finally get it. Life is all about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to shake it up a bit. This might actually help you end up having what you really wanted.

A better life and freedom from the cubicle world is actually my wish. However, it will take a lot of work and we may not succeed the first time but always try to have an active mind. No matter how I tried to stay in that normal set up as an employee, it will always come bugging me to get that freedom from employement.

So what’s my new year’s resolution? Run my e-commerce business and make it grow. But still be an employee until it goes well enough to support my family. Maybe then, I don’t have this bugging noise inside my head to claim my freedom once I am already living it.


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