Tips For Single Parents

Being a single parent is a very challenging task. It is like you have a huge responsibility double time. Why? Because you need to be a mother and a father at the same time. It’s not going to be effective if you will just deal with just one character.

As a single mother, I am facing it all every single day. Believe me, it isn’t hard especially if you don’t have your parents anymore to at least guide you along the way. You need to be more patient and have all the strength you can get as it’s not just emotionally draining. It’s also physically challenging. You have to do everything. Literally!

Although parenting is also the most rewarding thing you can do with your life, it is also the hardest job of all. Of course, as a parent, you will need to provide for your children. It will mean that you have to leave them at home while you work out there. So you must be very selective with the child care. Choose someone that you can trust and the person must have genuine concern with your child.

Speaking of providing, money is a huge part of your single parenthood. You have to be able to have enough for your budget and you need to have a stash in case emergency happens. It will be really hard if you only have enough for the food and bills. Since you are working alone, you need to also have another sources of income.

If you will get another job, that will not be good for your kids. No matter how busy you are, you always have time to be with them especially if they are still small kids. It’s essential for their foundation. So don’t even think about finding another job cause it might do more harm than good.

Being wiser with your choices when it comes to shopping matters a lot. It can make or break your budget and it’s not good not to have anything extra for even just giving your kid a treat for being a good girl or boy. It’s a must for every parents. But couples have their advantage. They can team up and assign whose gonna buy what. You’re on your own so better be wise.

Brands may differ with their appeal from the market but usually, it’s all the same thing. Like for example the brand of milk. If you have a baby, you can be more particular with the brand as it’s the baby’s only food source. But check the label and look for the nutrition facts. You’ll be surprised if you compared two brands. They are only offering the same nutrients for your baby. The only difference is their price. It’s stupid to buy an expensive brand for the same thing. Afterall, breastfeeding is still best for babies. If they can sell a powdered human milk, then it may worth buying it for a higher price. Although it will be creepy.

What I’m trying to say is that milk is still milk. Especially if they are already toddlers. You can even just share the same brand. Nowadays they are marketing milk for certain age group. But seriously, are you really going to drink that much milk when you’re all grown up? Some people can’t even take it as it is. My kids actually just eat powdered milk cause its a lot tastier than drinking it. Just focus with more important stuff especially if the kids are already growing up.

I thought that it will be easier when my kid stopped wearing diapers. I was wrong. They said it’s not even the real thing. When your kids go to school already and started to get conscious about fashion, it will be another chapter of your parenthood. Scary for new parents. So how will it be when teenage years happens?

That’s why you need to be ready before it happens. I mean, the relationship between you and your kids is important. So you need to be ready for it. You don’t want to overwork yourself to earn more money. A lot of conflicts happens when a kid is lacking attention. As a single parent, you can’t afford to just have one source of income. But you can’t work 24/7 either.

Have a passive income

It’s something that we often failed to have. Nowadays, it’s not enough that you have a job and savings alone. How about the other things that’s happening around? You have no idea if what we are spending right now can change in a couple of years.There might be drastic changes in the future.

What I have learned about life is never gethave caught without your safety net. You should make sure to pay yourself first as every financial blogs will tell you. They are right. Then you have to use that money in order to have a sideline. A lot of sidelines are available for the working people.

You can learn how to bake and sell some in your workplace. I have some people at work who are selling cup cakes, browni and cookies. It started when she just bring some for us and when we taste it, boom! She have her extra income while she’s also doing her job at work.

Buy and sell stuff. Another example is a friend of mine who buy wholesale clothes and bring it to her work for her coworkers to dig in. They choose whatever they want. It’s being paid via installment like every payday for a month or two. She can help her friends have their new outfit and don’t have to pay for it yet. She on the other hand can buy more stuff she can sell everytime she have her collection and eaen from it.

Aside from selling stuff directly, you can also have an online shop. I just launch Cherriefic Fashion which offers a variety of clothing for women and little girls. I just like the idea and just go for it. I am being able to pay some bills out of it since I launch it on December 10. It’s still extra income and it’s better than just counting on my paycheck alone.

Find an online job. There are a lot of websites that offer jobs for freelancers. You can be a virtual assistant or even be an online tutor. There are a wide selection where you can choose your own specialty. Just sign up with websites like Freelancer and Upwork. They can give you part time jobs you can do during your free time or even go for full time if you want.

Another passive income earner is write a blog. Or make a video or take photos. There are a lot of things to do online to earn money from those online advertisers. You can go ahead and just bring out that talent you have or better yet, use your imagination.

If you think you can already run your own business, start with a small one like a food cart. There are a lot of hungry people out there waiting to be fed. Although it may cost you more, the returns can also be huge with just a small cart.

Stocks is the new savings plan.

If you have your savings, it’s a better chance you will have your money to grow and earn more interest out of it after a couple of years. You can have your emergency account for the unforseen happenings. But as much as you can, don’t waste your time and money letting it sit on a savings account. Just get a stockbroker to learn more about buying stocks and you will have your passive income out of your savings. Plus, you can’t just withdraw it whenever you want to. So it’s safer from your own hands.

Although stock market is a little tricky, you can find some articles online that can help you decide what type of stock to buy. It’s always up to you what works best for you.  There are some investments plan that can hold up to ten years and you just put a part of your income every month. There are some for 30 years and that’s for your retirement. It actually depends on your future goals. But I read from one of the financial firms articles, the earlier you start, the most likely it can help you become a millionaire when you retire.

Isn’t that nice? You have to work anyway for a living for you and your kids. Then when you are finally done with them going to college and all. You will retire with millions worth of stocks. At least you just don’t have to wait for you monthly pesion or social security. You have your money enough for you to go around the world!

It’s very promising and I started buying shares when I found out about it. This will literally provides a brighter future. Although you will be old by then,  provided you are still alive, then you can just spend your remaining years not having to worry about your everyday needs. You don’t want to be a burden to your kids when you grow old do you?

Be Money Wise

Now that you already have more ideas on the things that you can do to make more money, it’s time to learn how to be wiser about your money.

Shopping. There are a lot of places where you can shop instead of buying in the prestigious malls.  But if you are not a bargain hunter, you can just buy during SALE.  That way,  you will get discounts and good deals out of your purchases. Don’t buy in a heartbeat as it’s  the cause of ruining your budget.

You don’t need new clothes or home furniture every month. Try to shop quarterly instead. That way, you will really buy what you and your kids need instead of having to buy anything you can set your eyes on.

Do window shopping even if you have the means to buy it.  You will always have to ask yourself if you need it and if you can really afford it. It’s just a matter of control and discipline. It maybe nice to look at but imagine if you really have it. Is it worth loosing your  hard-earned cash?

It is a real challenge to be a single parent. What you can do is to keep on being a better parent as you go along. People mature and so are you. Don’t try to be perfect cause it doesn’t exist. The more we try to be like that, the more your kids might think of revolting against you. Don’t be a dictator. Just think of the reasonable rules that fits their age group.

Most of the times,  children seem to be difficult cause they want to get your undivided attention. Just gave in and you will be surprised what it can do with your relationship with them. Don’t be too busy running your lives. Enjoy it and have fun. That might be the only way how to survive being a single parent.


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