Diagnosis : Laziness

There are times in our lives that everything seems to be such a bore. We have created our routines to make it easier and more organized. But those routine can be the cause why sometimes we tend to lazy around cause we are too familiar with the order of how we do it everyday on the exact day and the exact time.

I sometimes challenge it and just sleep a little longer or just sit down in the corner. Sometimes your energy seems to be at it’s lowest and you just hate it when you have to get up and move. Sitting down in one corner is one of my moments. That’s one of my favorite things and I  admit,  I let it to go on longer than the usual.

Laziness is one of the major problems in our society. I’m guilty of that most of the times. Maybe depression will be the diagnosis if you seek a medical attention  so they can offer a cure for your situation. But  I  don’t think it can be cured. Slacking of is just too viral nowadays and it can affect one person at a time.

Sometimes you just allow yourself to go crazy cause you are just tired of fighting with life. It is anyway a good excuse for not being able to function with your everyday role in the society. But come to think of it,  there are nobody seems to be concerned about it. It is being taken for granted wherein further research maybe needed to be done about the condition of being lazy.

It may sound funny or shallow but as I am trying my best to fight back, over this laziness syndrome, as I call it, it gets harder everyday. It can affect your physical condition and think you are sick for real. The hardest part is that you can’t  take medication for being lazy. You just try to fight it and even feel bad sometimes.

What are the quick fix while nobody care about researching about this condition then?

Take a cold shower.  You can do this if you feel that you don’t want to go out to go to school or work. It will stimulate your senses and literally wake you up. The feeling of freshness can also make you want to dress up and get out of that cave!
Drink coffee,  soda or energy drink. These are all stimulants to fuel up your body and avoid you from feeling sleepy. You can also take vitamins with B complex. This will be something that can stimulate your muscles and pump up your mood as well.

Exercise. This is one of the most effective way to help you stop the laziness to settle. It will help you perspire and you can also socialize with people who are full of energy which can also affect your mood.

Well,  these are the things that keeps me moving around no matter how lazy I feel. They sometimes fail cause I get lazy doing them. It’s funny but maybe it’s just all about trying to motivate yourself when things gets boring and try new things to keep you feel more alive. Whatever you do,  don’t let laziness win over you.


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