How To Survive Your Job

There are times that you just want to give up and quit your job. Sometimes one of the causes why you want out is because you’re just bored with whatever you are doing everyday. Or it can be more than that like you are no longer motivated.

But before you do,  try these tips in order for you to extend your stay and hopefully buy you more time before actually calling it quits.

1. Start a hobby

Boredom is often happening if you are doing a routine everyday. It will be good for you to do something different. If you have something new to do, it will jump start with your mood and get excited to do something for yourself.

2. Go out

If you have a work-home routine, try to get yourself out for a different environment during your days off. Plan for a road trip or just go wherever you want to go. It will refresh you for that week and be thankful to go back to your usual routine.

3. Workout

If you are feeling bored or lazy, a good exercise will help pump up your body and produced endorphines which is the happy hormones. This will help you feel energized ready for work and challenges ahead.

4. Treat yourself for a SPA

There are affordable massages you can avail or get discount coupons online. It will help you relax and destress from your usual days. It’s  also good for your minds,  body and soul.

5. Shop

You don’t have to splurge and ruin your budget. Just shop for just some new stuff you can wear or use at work.  It will inspire you to go to work cause having something new is exciting.

6. Get a makeover

A simple haircut will do. Try a new make up or have your manicure and pedicure. Just doll up yourself. It will help boost confidence and people around you will notice the difference.

If you have done all of the above and still you end up not liking to stay,  then you can go ahead and just find a new workplace. It might be the only way you want to go. You can check out How To Have a New Job here.

Did I  missed anything?  Please feel free to add your thoughts in comments below.


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