How It Feels To Be A Call Center Agent

The lifestyle of a call center agent is very interesting. Imagine, having to reverse your timezone and model it from the country you are supporting, not easy!

Because this is a stressful job, you get a higher compensation but same as with your expenses. You begin not to be satisfied with the usual coffee you drink for the entire shift and buy in an expensive coffee shop. You develop a habit of being a smoker which you know is bad for your health. Your excuse for doing so is because you are in a stressful job.

On those days that you are on off, you sleep as much as you could. It’s not everyday you can do it. Besides, being awake at night and sleeping during the day is not very fulfilling. Human beings are not created to be nocturnal. It’s just a huge challenge for some to adopt on it or even try doing it.

When you get your payout, you make sure that you also spend your money as fast as you are with your AHT (average handle time). Your taste in fashion may also adapt with all the expensive brands that seemed to be in for your type of crowd. You convinced yourself you need it and you deserve it because of all the sacrifices and hard work you have to do.

This is the ugly part…you don’t get to spend the holidays with your loved ones especially if you are in customer service. It operates 24/7 making it impossible for you to get a leave even just for Christmas. Sad, but you don’t have a choice but to still go to work while everybody seems to be partying.

But after all the stress, bad habits and sacrifices, being a call center agent is still one of the enjoyable career you can have. Since it doesn’t care what field of study you had, your age, gender preference, etc. Having a diversified work place makes it fun. You don’t have to pretend who you really are for people to like you in this industry. Just be yourself and sure, you can be whatever you
want to be!


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