Evil Plastic?

Having a credit card makes a lot of difference than just having cold cash. Sure, it is usually gets you out of obligations if you just stick with using your money than to have to use a credit card. You don’t have to worry having to pay for the card statement on your due date. But don’t you think it is so much better to have something you can use in case of emergencies and not to have to beg from anyone just to barrow money for your needs?

It’s not always true that having a a credit card is bad for you especially if you are responsible about it. It can actually do good on your credit history. It will also help you managing your finances better than to just wait for your payday before you can do anything. It can give you freedom and peace of mind cause you know that it’s there when you need it.

But you will think what you heard from other peopl that credit cards will only cause you trouble. Not if you’re paying it diligently. It can offer a lot of benefits for it’s user. I have one credit card that I use for groceries and other stuff I need. I gives you the report of your expenses every month which is a good thing as you can track you’re spending habits. It can extend or stretch your budget than to always not have enough and have to barrow money from your friend.

What I like the most about it are the rewards. Imagine, I can get a free meal by just using my credit card. It will also earn me points for my next summer get away. It is convenient as I don’t have to line up to the ATMs just to be able to buy something. Plus, it will give you the power to control your finances if used wisely.

The trick about it is to just have a small credit line. Meaning, the amount you can easily pay for when things get rough. Some only use it for emergencies. But I think it’s better to use it for the usual things you need so that instead of just spending all your cash, you can save it for real emergencies or even invest it for passive income.

You can also buy that expensive item that you need and pay it via installment basis than to save forever or just forget having it and just keep on dreaming. Cash is important with our everyday lives so better save it as much as you can so you have it when you need it. They invented the credit card as a solution to those shortages. Of course, for them to also earn.

In the end, I don’t think it is bad to have a credit card at all. For as long as you don’t depend you’re life on it, nothing wrong with enjoying the convenience of having a credit card. Just don’t swipe it if you can’t afford it.


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