Why Credit Card Is Good?


Whoever told you that having a credit card is bad is lying. Sure, it gives you the freedom to purchase anything your heart’s desires even without the cash. But since when freedom is a bad thing? It is when you got hooked up with uncontrollable spending.

Nothing wrong with having a credit card as long as you make sure your using it responsibly. It’s actually good for you as you have the power to discover your spending habits and work on it. The billing statement is the record of everything you have spent on. It’s an easy tracker if you are planning your finances.

What’s good about having a credit card is the rewards it gives you whenever you use it. I currently have a credit card which I use to buy the groceries and some stuff I need. Aside from it accumulating miles to use for travel, I am able to get free meals from Jollibee which is my kids favorite fast food.It saves me from buying three meals, I have two kids. Instead, I just pay for two meals whenever we eat there.

Credit cards also give you the ability to get the things you need right now than having to wait for your salary twice each month. Just swipe it right now and pay for it at a later time. It also gives you an option to pay via installment with 0% depending on the merchant. Plus, it earns you another reward for doing that.

In my opinion, I think it can do more good to you than bad. It’s all about having a self discipline and control over your finances. Think about it. The only time it will be bad for you is when you don’t pay for it. Remember, it’s your responsibility to pay for what you bought just the same if you use cash. Just don’t swipe it when you can’t afford it.


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