Life After Death

Is there life after death? This is one of the common question around. Well, it depends on your faith. Maybe there is heaven for the good guys and hell for the bad ones. This is not for sure. Scientifically speaking, there’s no proof. Religiously, it is written in the bible.

How about if your faith is different? Can you still go to heaven if you are a good person while you are still alive? It’s hard to tell. For all I know, there are a lot of criteria to be qualified in that place. For sure it is more than a beauty contest or a quizbee. In this case, all of us will go to hell!

It seems to me that we might be asking the wrong question. We are not sure about everything. All I know is that after somebody dies, they will go directly to their graves and after a while, they will have their gravestones and bermudagrass on it. That can be expensive.

So is there a life after death? For us who are still alive, the answer is yes. We will still continue to live after somebody who is dear to us passed away. We will surely miss them everyday of our lives and be thankful they became part of our life.





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