Being old is one of the things that we cannot avoid. Nobody wants to get old except if you are still a child. A lot of people nowadays are trying to at least look younger and reverse the sign of aging. However, no matter what you do, even if you have gone through a lot of medical procedures just to look younger, there’s no stopping time. You will still get old even if you do not have a wrinkle on your face because of a buttocks.

For some, being old is just a number. Reality is, it is not about how you look. It is about what you have done in your life over the years you are alive and breathing. My grandmother will turn 90 this year. I wonder if she is happy with all the things that she experienced. I asked her about it sometimes when she was still around 80 years old. Her reply was good. She talks about it as if it was just yesterday and it felt that I was there with her as she told me about her childhood story. I asked her about it now expecting that I will hear from her the adventures that she had a long time ago. She replied and told me she can no longer remember. Then she shifted the topic and told me about the bad things that happened to her. It was sad and hurtful. Nobody seems to remember that she is still alive and needed attention.

Comparing her replies to me before when she was still tough and active from what she is now, I just wonder if I will go through the same thing when I turned 90. If I will, I don’t want to grow old anymore. Seeing everything turned into nothing or the changes that is happening so fast around you. It made me think that a person who lives for a long time may feel as if they are a vampire. Just there forever witnessing what is happening to the world. Getting left behind by their old friends or their family caused by death. Still it seems that she’s still afraid to die. But with everything that has been lost, will you still want to live forever? That will remain unanswered unless I reached my old age and still remember to ask the same question to myself.


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